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Visit the Islam Infomation Centre, founded by Sheikh Mohammed Sindhi to establish cohesion within the various communities by creating an 'informed' understanding of Islam. The Centre prides itself through its unrivalled pictorial gallery, exhibiting various facets of Islam. The centres exhibition immediately captures the visitor’s attention by allowing people to totally immerse themselves in a plethora of rich Islamic culture.

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Menu Establishing Salah and Attaining Devotion Therein
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01.   Cleanliness is a Key to Salah (Taharah) 02.   Cleanliness and the Whispers of Shaytan 03.   Removing the Pubic Hair
04.   Trimming Moustache and Male Circumcision 05.   Lengthening the Beard 06.   Wudhu is a Weapon of a Believer
07.   The Complete Method of a Wudhu 08.   Allah Akbar: Allah is Greater  
Surah Al-Fatiha
09.   The Ultimate Praise is Only for Allah SWT 10.   Creator, Maintainer, Sustainer, Protector... 11.   Perpetual Mercy and Abundance of Mercy
12.   Only YOU We Worship and Only YOU... 13.   Guide Us to The Straight Path  
Tashahhud (Attahiyyat...)
14.   Greetings Belong to Allah SWT 15.   Salam be upon our Prophet SAW 15a.   Raising the Index Finger During Tashahhud
Durood-e-Ibrahimi (Allahumma Salle-alah Muhammed...)
16.   All Attributed Names of Allah SWT 17.   An Essential Prayer in Salah  
18.   Salah in the Early Days and the Prerequisites 19.   Beginning the Salah, Position and Recitation 20.   Raf'ul Yadain, Raising Hands in Salah
21.   Du'ah after the Fardh Salah 22.   Sunnah Mu'akkada 23.   Taraweeh
Menu Illustrious Companions
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01.   Immense Love for The Prophet (PBUH) 02.   First Indication of Transfer of Khilafah (Pt 1) 03.   First Indication of Transfer of Khilafah (Pt 2)
04.   The Transfer of Khilafah 05.   Allegiance to Abu Bakr (RA)  
Life of Abu Bakr (RA)
06.   The First Khalif (Pt 1) 07.   The Most Honourable (Pt 2) 08.   The Humble Nature (Pt 3)
09.   The Close Advisor (Pt 4) 10.   The Blessed Companion (Pt 5) 11.   The Family Tree (Pt 6)
12.   The Great Warrior (Pt 7) 13.   The Battle of Badr (Pt 8) 14.   The Battle of Yamama (Pt 9)
15.   The Garden of Death (Pt 10) 16.   The Shuhada of Yamama (Pt 11) 17.   Khalid Bin Walid, The Commander (Pt 12)
18.   Khalid, Sword of Allah (Pt 13) 19.   Khalid, Expeditions to Ablaa & Mutaa (Pt 14) 20.   The Yielding Companion (Pt 15)
21.   Resolute Amidst Tribulations (Pt 16) 22.   The Battle of Yarmuk (Pt 17) 23.   Battle for Sham (Pt 18)
24.   The Attack on Busra (Pt 19) 25.   The Advance to Ajnadeen (Pt 20) 26.   The Battle of Ajnadeen (Pt 21)
27.   The Victory of Ajnadeen (Pt 22) 28.   The Advance to Dimashk (Pt 23) 29.   The Battle of Marjus Safar (Pt 24)
30.   The Siege of Dimashk (Pt 25) 31.   The Battle of Baytul Lehya (Pt 26) 32.   Attempts to Break the Siege (Pt 27)
33.   Mujahideen Infiltrate Dimashk (Pt 28) 34.   Khalid Fulfills his Vow (Pt 29) 35.   The Concluding Chapter (Pt 30)
Life of Umar Khattab (RA)
36.   The Second Khalif (Pt 1) 37.   The Battle of Jerusalem (Pt 2) 38.   Jerusalem Calls Upon Umar R.A (Pt 3)
39.   Jerusalem Surrenders to Umar R.A (Pt 4) 40.   Ka'ab, A Scholar of Jerusalem (Pt 5) 41.   The Lineage of Umar R.A (Pt 6)
42.   The Wives & Children of Umar R.A (Pt 7) 43.   The Conversion of Umar R.A (Pt 8) 44.   The Vitality and Valor of Umar R.A (Pt 9)
45.   The Words of Wisdom (Pt 10) 46.   The Response of Umar at Uhud (Pt 11) 47.   Slogans of Ignorance (Pt 12)
48.   The Treaty of Hudaybiya (Pt 13)    
Azwajeh Mutahharat - The Wives of the Prophet Mohammed (SAW)
49.   Hafsa R.A, The Daughter of Umar (Pt 14) 50.   The Wisdom in the Marriages (Pt 15) 51.   A'isha R.A and the Christian Argument (Pt 16)
The Conduct Towards the Jews and their Genealogy
52.   The Roots of Banu Israel (A) (Pt 17) 53.   The Roots of Banu Israel (B) (Pt 18) 54.   The Roots of Banu Israel (C) (Pt 19)
55.   Prophet (SAW) First Encounter (D) (Pt 20) 56.   Transgression Beyond Limits (E) (Pt 21) 57.   The Fate of Banu Qurayzah (F) (Pt 22)
58.   Striving to Seek Knowledge (Pt 23) 59.   Sincerity & Exceptional Love (Pt 24) 60.   Sincerity of the Companions (Pt 25)
The Islamic State
61.   Freedom of Speech & Religion (Pt 26) 62.   The Justice of Islam (Pt 27) 63.   Justice, Free of Nepotism (Pt 28)
64.   The High Standards of Umar R.A (Pt 29) 65.   The State, The Imam. The Mosque (Pt 30) 66.   The Social Welfare System (Pt 31)
67.   The Governors of the State (Pt 32)    
68.   The Resonance of Umar R.A (Pt 33) 69.   Status of Ridhwan (Pt 34) 70.   Owais bin Aamir Al Qarni (Pt 35)
71.   High Level of Haya/Modesty (Pt 36) 72.   Proactive Measures Against Innovation (Pt 37) 73.   Misinterpreting the Qur'an (Pt 38)
74.   Adhering to Islam & Caring... (Pt 39) 75.   Umar R.A, The Key for Islam (Pt 40) 76.   Inviting Others To Islam (Pt 41)
77.   The Anti-Umar Propaganda (Pt 42) 78.   Taraweeh Clarified (Pt 43) 79.   The Student, Abu Hureirah R.A (Pt 44)
80.   The Dispatch to the Persian Empire (Pt 45) 81.   The Battle of Buwayb (Kufah) (Pt 46)  
The Battle of Qadasiyyah
82.   Part 1 (Umar R.A, Pt 47) 83.   Part 2 (Umar R.A, Pt 48) 84.   Part 3 (Umar R.A, Pt 49)
85.   Part 4 (Umar R.A, Pt 50) 86.   Part 5 (Umar R.A, Pt 51)  
87.   City of Madaain and the Fall of Persia (Pt 52) 88.   The Great Wisdom of Umar R.A (Pt 53) 89.   Protective Shield for the Believers (Pt 54)
90.   The Martydom of a Just Ruler (Pt 55) 91.   Martydom, In the Cause of Allah SWT (Pt 56) 92.   Umar R.A, The Concluding Chapter (Pt 57)
Life of Uthman Bin Affaan (RA)
93.   The Third Khalif (Pt 1) 94.   Zunnurayn, The Marriage of Uthman (Pt 2) 95.   The Sacrifices of the First Muslims (Pt 3)
96.   The Transfer of Khilafah (Revisited) (Pt 4)    
The Glorious Qur'an (Recitation)
97.   Deep Love & Devotion for Al-Qur'an (Pt 5) 98.   Qur'an is in Arabic... (Pt 6) 99.   Various Recitals of the Qur'an (Pt 7)
100. The Abrogation of Certain Verses (Pt 8) 101. Understanding the Verses of the Qur'an (Pt 9) 102. The Eternal & Uncreated Speech (Pt 10)
103. The Qur'an is No Ordinary Book (Pt 11) 104. Take Heed of the First Few Chapters (Pt 12) 105. Respecting the Glorious Speech (Pt 13)
106. The Qur'an is Ash-Shifa (The Cure) (Pt 14)    
107. Dhunnurayn, Blessed with Two Lights (Pt 15) 108. Dhunnurayn, Blessed with Two Lights (Pt 16) 109. The Treaty of Hudaybiya (Pt 17)
110. The Well of Uthman (R.A) (Pt 18) 111. The Charity of Uthman (R.A) (Pt 19) 112. The Strong Economic Growth (Pt 20)
113. The Death of Some Senior Companions (Pt 21) 114. The Judiciary System (Pt 22) 115. The Bashfulness of Uthman (R.A)(Pt 23)
116. The Blessed Day of Jumu'ah (Pt 24) 117. The Practice of Sajdah Tilawat (Pt 25) 118. The Practice of Ghusl & Wudhu (Pt 26)
119. Fatawa Pertaining to Matrimony (Pt 27) 120. An Era of Great Personalities (Pt 28) 121. The Conquest of Cyprus (Pt 29)
122. The Islamic Connection to Seafaring (Pt 30) 123. The Legendary A'mr Ibn Al A'as (Pt 31) 124. The Annexation of Egypt (Pt 32)
125. Expedition to North Africa (Pt 33) 126. The Battle for N.Africa & Alexandria (Pt 34) 127. The Emergence of Tribulations in Kufa (Pt 35)
128. Selection: God Fearing Not Favouritism (Pt 36) 129. The Discipline of Abu Dhar (R.A) (Pt 37) 130. The Prophecies of the Tribulations (Pt 38)
131. Rapid Expansion of the Islamic Empire (Pt 39)    
Challenging Times...
132. Challenging Times for Uthman (Pt 40) 133. Planting the Seeds of Doubt (Pt 41) 134. The Plot to Overthrow Uthman R.A (Pt 42)
135. The Feeble Accusations (Pt 43) 136. The Siege of Uthman R.A (Pt 44)  
137. The Scheme of the Hypocrites (Pt 45) 138. Anti-Islamic Divisions Within the Ummah (Pt 46) 139. Adamant Against Bloodshed in Medinah (Pt 47)
140. Mothers of the Believers Take Action (Pt 48) 141. The Martydom of Zunnurayn (Pt 49) 142. The First Fitnah of the Ummah (Pt 50)
143. The Negative Impact Upon the Ummah (Pt 51) 144. Uthman R.A, The Concluding Chapter (Pt 52)  
Life of Ali ibn Abi Talib (RA)
145. The Fourth Khalif (Pt 1) 146. The First Youth in Islam (Pt 2) 146. The Early Period (Pt 3)
148. First to Pledge Support to the Message (Pt 4) 149. Pre-Migration Contributions of Ali R.A (Pt 5) 150. The Unpaired Muhajir (Pt 6)
151. The Proposal of Marriage to Fatimah R.A (Pt 7) 152. The Marriage, Ordained by Allah SWT (Pt 8) 153. Military Confrontation with Al Yahud (Pt 9)
154. The Story of Ifk, Pt 1 (Pt 10) 155. The Story of Ifk, Pt 2 (Pt 11)  
Hadhrat Fatimah R.A (The Queen of Jannah)
156. The Status (Pt 12) 157. The Resemblance (Pt 13) 158. The Exceptional Modesty (Pt 14)
159. The Unprecedented Love... (Pt 15)    
160. The Family Members of Ali R.A (Pt 16) 161. The Scribe of Hudaibiyah (Pt 17) 162. The Victor of Khyber (Pt 18)
163. Adopted Son of the Prophet SAW (Pt 19) 164. The Interception of the Letter (Pt 20) 165. The Destruction of Idols in the Ka'aba (Pt 21)
166. Understanding The Oneness of Allah (Pt 22) 167. Those That Misunderstood the Status (Pt 23) 168. The Verse of Surah Al-Mujadalah (Pt 24)
169. The conquest of Taif & Tay (Pt 25) 170. Victory Over Banu Zabadah & Tabuk (Pt 26) 171. Victory Over Banu Ramlah & Yemen (Pt 27)
172. The Shoulder of Support from Ali R.A (Pt 28) 173. Abu Bakr Amongst All Companions (Pt 29) 174. Ali Immediately Endorses Abu Bakr R.A (Pt 30)
175. Ali Immediately Endorses Umar R.A (Pt 31) 176. Ali Immediately Endorses Uthman R.A (Pt 32) 177. Ali Remorsefully Accepts the Khilafat (Pt 33)
178. Banu Hashim Endorses the Khulafah (Pt 34) 179. Planting the Seeds of doubt to Divide (Pt 35) 180. The Agreement of the Pious at Basra (Pt 36)
181. Treachery of the Sabaee Sect (Pt 37) 182. Battle of The Camel (Pt 38) 183. The Status and the Purity of A'isha R.A (Pt 39)
184. The Grand Status of Zubayr R.A (Pt 40) 185. The Grand Status of Talha R.A (Pt 41) 186. Ameer Mu'awiyyah Insists on Qisas (Pt 42)
187. The Battle of Siffin (Pt 43) 188. The Arbitration of Siffin (Pt 44) 189. Brief Bio of Amr Ibn Al 'As R.A (Pt 45)
190. The Message Behind the Arbitration (Pt 46) 191. Glad Tidings to the Martyrs of Siffin (Pt 47) 192. Ibn Abbas R.A Confronts the Khawarij (Pt 48)
193. The Extremism of the Khawarij (Pt 49) 194. Understanding the Descension... (Pt 50) 195. The Deviant Groups Explained (Pt 51)
196. The Rawafizi Shia Sect (Pt 52) 197. The Shia Imams are Infallible (Pt 53) 198. Fabrication and Taqiyyah (Deception) (Pt 54)
199. Knowing the Enemey Within (Pt 55) 200. The Martydom of a Great Khalif (Pt 56) 201. Ali R.A, The Concluding Chapter (Pt 57)
The Wisdom of Hadhrat Hasan (RA)
202. The Chronology of this Wise Khalif (Pt 1) 203. The Transfer of Khilafah (Pt 2) 203a. The Martyrdom of Hadhrat Hasan RA (Pt 3)
Life of Ameer Mu'awiyah (RA)
204. Family's Commitment to Islam (Pt 1) 205. The Abu Umayyad Family (Pt 2) 206. The Appointed Governor of Syria (Pt 3)
207. The Scribe of the Revelation (Pt 4) 208. Strengthening Leadership by Character (Pt 5) 209. Leader of the Muslimeen (Pt 6)
210. Greatest Graduates of All Time (Pt 7) 211. Strength &Power Through Military Might (Pt 8) 212. The First Naval Fleet in Islam (Pt 9)
213. The Accuracy of Every Prophecy (Pt 10) 214. Privileged Abu Ayyub Al Ansari R.A (Pt 11) 215. The Ancestral Heritage of Abu Ayyub (Pt 12)
Prophecy: "Constantinople Will Fall to the Muslims"
216. Sultan Murad the Lion (Pt 13) 217. Sultan Mohammed Fateh the Victorious (Pt 14) 218. The Prophecy Fulfilled (Pt 15)
219. Mu'awiyah R.A, The Final Chapter (Pt 16) 219a. Not a Curse But a Du'ah (Pt 17)  
Yazeed bin Mu'awiyah
220. The Transfer of Khilafah (Pt 1) 221. The Sincerety in the Selection (Pt 2) 222. Pursuing the Oath of Allegiance (Pt 3)
223. Husayn R.A Sends a Representative (Pt 4) 224. Husayn R.A Pauses Before Kufah (Pt 5) 225. The Martyrdom of Husayn R.A at Kerbala (Pt 6)
226. Yazeed, The Concluding Chapter (Pt 7) 227. A Summary of Husayn R.A (Pt 8)
Life of Abdullah ibn Zubayr (RA)
228. The First Child Born Post Migration (Pt 1) 229. The Most Worthy Khalifah (Pt 2) 230. The Very Senior and a Brave Companion (Pt 3)
231. The Martyrdom of this Brave Companion (Pt 4) 232. True Custodian of Masjid Al-Haram (Pt 5) 233. The Curse for a Tyrant (Pt 6)
Abdul Malik ibn Marwan (RA)
234. A Very Capable Ruler (Pt 1)  Continued (see Baytul Maqdis)  
Menu Baytul Maqdis (Al Aqsa and its Blessed Precinct)
Playback Quality: 1 5
The First Qiblah and The Second Masjid (Pt 1) Hadhrat Da'wud A.S Reconstructs Al Aqsa (Pt 2) Being Thankful to Allah SWT (Pt 2a)
Hadhrat Sulayman A.S, The Great King (Pt 3) The Subjugation of the Jinns (Pt 4)  
The Jinn Creation
Who are the Jinns (Pt 6) The Diet and Dwellings of the Jinns (Pt 7) The Description of Jinns and Shayatin (Pt 8)
The Jinns are Transmutable (Pt 9) Shaytan Flows in the Human Body (Pt 10) Iblees Reveals Their Shaytanic Traits (Pt 11)
Recitation Against the Shayatin (Pt 12) Knowledge of the Unseen (Pt 13) Delegation of the Jinns Listening to the Quran (Pt 14)
Shaytan Will Attack From All Sides (Pt 15) The 2 Powerful Chapters of the Quran (Pt 16) 11 Cursed Knots On the Auspicious Hair (Pt 17)
Islamic Solution for a Haunted House (Pt 18) Magicians are Soldiers of the Shayatin (Pt 19) Various Types of Sihar/Magic (Pt 20)
Hud-hud of the Bird Kingdom (Pt 21) Hud-hud Delivers to the Queen of Sheba (Pt 22) Delivering the Arsh of Sheba (Pt 23)
Sulayman AS in Suratun Namal (Pt 24) Suratun Namal (The Ant) (Pt 25) Sulayman AS, The Concluding Chapter (Pt 25)
 Establish Salah...    
Menu General
Playback Quality: 1 5
Islamic Manner Best Technology Azaan
Hajj and Qurbani Must Be 100% Muslim All About Awliya Ullah
Migration (Hijrat) & Moharram Condition in the Grave Think About Death and Shaytaan
Nabi (SAW), Only Super Knowledge Love Muslims, Obey Orders of Allah Miladun Nabi
Virtues of Marriage Blessed Month of Muharram Unique Wonders of Paradise (1hr 20mins)
The Last Hajj of the Prophet (SAW) Serious Inconsistencies in the Shi'a Sect The Night Journey & The Ascension
Dedicated to Dr Taufiq Saheb    
Ramadhan 2007
Taraweeh, 8 or 20 Rakats?    
Ramadhan 2006
01.   Practicing Islam (Pt 1) 02.   Practicing Islam (Pt 2) 03.   Practicing Islam (Pt 3)
04.   Practicing Islam (Pt 4) 05.   Practicing Islam (Pt 5)  
Ramadhan 2005
The Rights of Parents Depression and it's Cure Never Under Estimate a Deed
The Night of Power Power of the Heart Adam A.S. (Pt 1)
Adam A.S. (Pt 2) Adam A.S. (Pt 3) Adam A.S. (Pt 4)
Adam A.S. (Pt 5)    
Menu The Prophet's Masjid
Playback Quality: 1 5
01.   Land of the Prophets Masjid 02.   Love for the Prophets Masjid 03.   Salat in the Prophets Masjid
04.   Salat and Salaam 05.   Extentions of the Prophets Masjid 06.   Decorating the Prophets Masjid
07.   Pillars of the Prophets Masjid 08.   Pillars of the Prophets Masjid cont... 09.   Masjid Nabi (Central)
10.   Obstacles in Madina 11.   Minirets and Dome 12.   Grave of the Prophet SAW
13.   Love for the prophet SAW part1 14.   Love for the Prophet SAW part2 15.   Wells of Madina
16.   Blessings of Madina    
Menu Tsunami, 2004
Playback Quality: 1 5
01.   The Awsome Power of Allah (SWT) 02.   Journey to Aceh, Indonesia    [Pictures]  
Menu Islam4U-Message For The Youth   (In bite-size chunks!)
Playback Quality: 1 5
01.   Islam &Acquiring Knowledge 02.   Rememberence &Respect 03.   Character of a Muslim
04.   Rights of Others 05.   Salutations to Mohammed S.A.W  
Menu Makkah
Playback Quality: 1 5
01.   Ibrahim Khalilullah A.S 02.   Foundation of Ka'bah 03.   Ka'bah at the Time of Mohammed S.A.W
04.   Inside of the Ka'bah 05.   Covering of the Ka'bah 06.   Significance of Safah and Marwah
07.   The Beast of Safah 08.   The Wrath of Allah S.W.T 09.   The Gift of Repentence
10.   Biography of Imam Bukhari 11.   The Mountain of Light 12.   The Mountain of Thowr
13.   City of Miracles 14.   Year of Grief 15.   Propaganda of the Makkans
16.   Historical Mosques    
Menu Migration to Medinah
Playback Quality: 1 5
01.   The City Of Light 02.   In The Cave 03.   Costal Route to Madina
04.   Trouble With Water 05.   Entering Madina 1 06.   Entering Madina 2
07.   Dawah To The People Of Madina
Menu History of Iraq
Playback Quality: 1 5
01.   History of Baghdad 02.   The Resting Place Of Ma'ruf 03.   The Resting Place Of Imam Abu Hanifa
04.   The Resting Place Of Salman Farisi 05.   The Resting Place Of Huzafiya Bin Yaman
Menu History of Syria
Playback Quality: 1 5
01.   Resting Place of Zakariyah (AS) 02.   Resting Place of Bilal (RA) 03.   Resting Place of the Sultaan
04.   Resting Place of Mu'awiyah (RA)
Menu Signs Of Qiyamah
Playback Quality: 1 5
01.   Signs Of Qiyamah 02.   Arrival Of Imam Mehdi RA (Pt 1) 03.   Time Of Imam Mehdi RA (Pt 2)
04.   More About Mehdi RA (Pt 3) 05.   Arrival Of Hazrat Eesa A.S 06.   Comming Of Dajaal
07.   More About Dajaal 08.   Gog And Magog (Pt 1) 09.   Gog And Magog (Pt 2)
10.   Gog And Magog (Pt 3) 11.   Gog And Magog (Pt 4) 12.   The Beast
13.   After Beast 14.   The Trumpet 15.   Resurrection
16.   Extraction and Ressurection 17.   Court Of Allah 18.   Plain Of Ressurection
19.   Animals Of Jahannam 20.   Animals Of Jannat 21.   Jahannam Hell
22.   Book Of Deeds        
Menu Istinja
Playback Quality: 1 5
Part 1 Part 2  
Menu The Jinns
Playback Quality: 1 5
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
Menu Jumu'ah Bayaans
Playback Quality: 1 5
Best Creation, Human Eat Halal Fear Allah
Follow Quraan Geebat Islamic Prisoner
Meat is for Everyone Save Your Children From Hell Allah the Almighty (SWT)
The Importance of Halal Morsel Bid'ah (Innovation) The Concept of Barakah
Introducing Islam to Others Marriage is a Simple Affair  
~ Masjid Umar, Leicester ~ ~ Speaker Website ~  
English Sheikh Ebrahim I Bham South Africa
Menu General
Playback Quality: 1 5
Challenges of Globalisation The Role Of Muslims In Todays Society Interpersonal Relationships
Charity, Investing in the Hereafter Cleanliness Islamic Concept of Debt
Letters to Kings (Pt 1) Letters to Kings (Pt 2) Pride & Humility
R w a n d a, The Genocide The Journey Truth & Honesty
Basic Human Rights Truth Vs Falsehood Islamic Concept of Jihad
Date Palm &The Believers Hijrat (Migration) Iman, Islam &Ihsaan
Me'raj (Ascension) Prophet Eisa A.S (Jesus) Why Fast?
Menu --Quraan and Hadith
Playback Quality: 1 5
Al Quraan (Pt 1) Miracle of the QuraanAl Quraan (Pt 2) Rights of the Quraan Al Quraan (Pt 3) Revision of the Quraan
Hadith Jibreel (Pt 1) Islam and Imaan Hadith Jibreel (Pt 2) Ashaan Hadith Jibreel (Pt 3) Tasawuf
Hadith Jibreel (Pt 4) Qiyamah Virtues of Salah  
Menu --Social Issues
Playback Quality: 1 5
Gambling Wealth Lottery
Secular Education Oppression Human Intellect
Racial Discrimination Abortion Family Ties
Fighting Drugs Sacrifice Adultery
Harms of Backbiting Our Youth Racism
Rights of Women The Problem of Crime The Role of Women
Islamic Concept of Materialism Pride & Arrogance Islam in the 21st Century
Menu --Ummah Issues
Playback Quality: 1 5
Favours of Allah to the Ummah Punishment of Allah Respect for Mankind
History Of Turkey Turkey and Modernism Earthquakes
Current Situation Of Turkey Situation of the Muslims Chechnya
Good &Evil (Pt 1) - Hardships of Truth Good &Evil (Pt 2) - Ease of Falsehood Clash of Civilisation
The History of Muslim Spain The Middle East  
Menu --Death
Playback Quality: 1 5
Think About Death Preperation For Death Time Of Death
Duties After a Death Janazah Namaaz Taubah (Repentence)
Taubah in Ramadhan    
English Sheikh Sajid Ahmed Umar Harare, Zimbabwe
Menu General
Playback Quality: 1 5
Understanding Islam The Status of Happiness & Depression (Pt 1) The Status of Happiness & Depression (Pt 2)
From the State of Heedlessness to Reality    
Menu Surah Yusuf (Tafseer and Lessons Thereof) - 14 Parts
Playback Quality: 1 5
01.   Tafseer of Surah Yusuf 02.   Dream of Yusuf (AS) 03.   Brothers Jealousy of Yusuf (AS)
04.   Yusuf (AS) Thrown into the Well 05.   Yusuf (AS) in Egypt 06.   Minister Wife's Plan
07.   Yusuf (AS) Goes to Prison 08.   Dreams of the Inmates 09.   Dream of the King
10.   Yusuf (AS) is Proven Innocent 11.   Years of Drought 12.   Yaqoob (AS) Advise to his Sons
13.   Binyamin Remains in Egypt 14.   A Family Reunited  
~ Speaker Website ~    
English Mufti Ismail Menk Zimbabwe
Menu General
Playback Quality: 1 5
Islam (Qur'an Recitation) Islam (Part 2) Islam (Part 3)
Qunoot Naazilah Recitaion of Surah Yaseen Surah Yusuf, A Brief Tafseer
The Meaning of Zikr Educaton The Tongue
Blessed Month of Ramadhan Trade Excessively in Ramadhan The Muslim World
Surat Al Fatihah (The Opening)    
English Ummah Welfare Trust (UWT) Leicester, UK
Menu Virtues of Charity (Arabic with English) - 1 minute MP3's
Playback Quality: 1 5
01.   Believers strenthen each other 02.   The Ummah is like a body 03.   Show mercy get mercy
04.   A Muslim is a brother of a Muslim 05.   None is a true believer until 06.   A believer shields the faults of others
07.   A believer makes easy for others 08.   Every good thing is charity 09.   The carer of Orphans
10.   A striver amongst the poor is like 11.   The rank of the poor 12.   Seek me amongst the weak
13.   The Angels prayer for the generous 14.   There is no envy apart from in two things 15.   Your wealth is what you send forward
16.   Stay away from the Fire by Sadaqah 17.   Spend and you will be spent upon 18.   If you spent in charity it is better for you
19.   Wealth is not diminished by charity 20.   Do not hoard 21.   Charity is a protective armour
22.   Allah fosters a charitable offering 23.   Beware of oppression and miserliness 24.   The Prophet's example was charitable
~ Charity Website ~    
English University Lectures UK
Menu DeMontfort University, Leicester
Playback Quality: 1 5
Sheikh Mohammed Sindhi
Keeping the Ramadhan Spirit Alive Keeping the Ramadhan Spirit Alive (Q &A) The Real Big Brother
The Real Big Brother (Q &A)    
Sheikh Ayadh Sidat
A Method Of Dawah Protection From Allah What Is Success
~ Speaker Website ~    
Sheikh Mohammed Shafi Chowdhury
Life After Death Promises of Allah, Our Predicaments
Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra
A Character of a Muslim Sacrifice of a Muslim Women and Islam
Gambling And The Lottery The Terrorism Act 2000 Islam's Contribution to Today's Civilisation
Mohammed (PBUH), The Best Role Model Islam's Contribution to Today's Civilisation
Various Luminaries
Dr A.Majid - Islam, A Way Of Life Mufti M.I.Adam - What is Hajab? Sheikh Abu Bakr - Jumu'ah Lecture
Sheikh Khalil Patel - Valentrash Day Sheikh Al Sulaiman - Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll Sheikh Al Sulaiman - Sex, Drugs and ... Q&A
Sheikh Z.Mahmood - Who was Mohammed(SAW)? Sheikh Z.Mahmood - Who was Mohammed? Q&A
English Mufti Muhammad Taqi Uthmani Karachi, Pakistan
Playback Quality: 1 5
Enter Islam in its Entirety Importance of Islamic Schools Is Islam Different in the West?
Purpose Of Human Creation
Menu Understanding Riba/Interest - FOSIS UK, Conference
Playback Quality: 1 5
Qur'an Recitation Riba Lecture Riba - Q&A Session
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English Mufti Muhammad Ibn Adam Leicester, UK
Menu General
Playback Quality: 1 5
Banning Of The Headscarf (Hijab) In France Lessons From The Past Overcoming Trials and Tribulations
The Concept and Reality of Sufism (Pt 1) The Concept and Reality of Sufism (Pt 2) Islam in a Prison of Culture
Life as a Muslim Medic Knowing, Loving & Following the Prophet (SAW) Al-Qur'an: The Cure to All Ailments
Menu Family & Marriage
Playback Quality: 1 5
Abortion and IVF Marriage – “What’s Love got to do with it?” Prophet SAW's Conduct Towards his Family
Establishing Unity Using Our Differences The Beloved of the Beloved of Allah: A'isha R.A Causes of and Solutions to: Family Disputes
Halfway to Heaven, Road to a Blissful Marriage Halfway to Heaven, Blissful Marriage Q&A Arranging a Marriage by Choice
Rights of the Spouses    
Menu Virtues & Fiqh of Ramadhan (18 Part Series)
Playback Quality: 1 5
01.   The Importance of this Blessed Month 02.   The Concept & Philosophy of Ramadhan 03.   Merits & Virtues of Ramadhan
04.   How to Spend Ramadhan 05.   Things to Avoid in Ramadhan 06.   Fiqh of Fasting
07.   Things that Invalidate a Fast - Qadha & Kaffara 08.   Things that Invalidate a Fast - Qadha Only 09.   Things that are Disliked during Fast
10.   Things that do not Invalidate a Fast 11.   Things that are Recommended During Fast 12.   For Whom Fasting is Not Obligatory
13.   When Can a Fast be Invalidated 14.   Rules Concerning Paying the Penalty 15.   The Fiqh of Tarawih Prayers
16.   The Fiqh of the Retreat (I'tikaf) 17.   The Night of the Power 18.   Summary
Menu The 10 Things of Fitra (Natural Disposition)
Playback Quality: 1 5
1.   Importance of Purity 2.   Shortening of the Mustache 3.   Lengthening of the Beard
4.   Using of the Miswak 5.   Circumcision, Gargling and Rinsing the Nose 6.   Nails, Joints and Underarm Hair
7.   Removing of Pubic Hair 8.   Cleaning Oneself After Using The toilet  
Menu Islamic Manners (22 Part Series)
Playback Quality: 1 5
Conducted from “Min Adab al-Islam” (Islamic Manners) by Sh. Abdul-Fattah Abu Ghudda (May Allah have Mercy Upon him)
01.   Introduction
02.   Introduction cont...
03.   The Scope of Islamic Manners
04.   Importance of Appearance and Dress
05.   Opening/Closing Doors Gently and The Islamic Greeting 06.   Announcing One’s Presence and Seeking Permission to Enter
07.   Knocking and Ringing
08.   Identifying One’s Self Clearly
09.   Etiquettes of Visiting and Accepting Host’s Apology
10.   Controlling One’s Eyes and The Etiquette of Removing Shoes 11.   Choosing a Seat and Avoiding Inspection
12.   Timing one’s Visit of Others
13.   The Harms of Eavesdropping
14.   Honouring Scholars, Seniors and the Elderly
15.   Manners with Ones's Parents
16.   Duties of the Host
17.   Etiquettes of Visiting the Sick
18.   Breaking Unpleasant News
19.   Expressing One's Condolences
20.   Manners of Conversation
21.   Brief Advice for Sisters
22.   Some Etiquettes of Marriage and Walima
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English Shaykh Abu Yusuf Riyadh ul Haq Leicester, UK
Menu General Titles
Playback Quality: 1 5
Be Just in Your Judgement Holding on to a Cinder How to Achieve Steadfastness
Imitating the Disbelievers Infinate Justice Islamic Education in the West
Keep the Law of Allah &Allah will Keep You Love for the Prophet Me, Myself and I
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English Shaykh Ahmad Ali Bradford, UK
Menu General Titles
Playback Quality: 1 5
The Power of Allah Prophet Ibraheem (AS) After Death
Imam Bukhari Imam Abu Hanifah Iraq, Land of Shock and Awe
Love for Islam Power of the Tongue Pride and Arrogance
Present Muslim Character Love and Brotherhood The Future is Bright
Menu Prophet Mohammed (SAW) & His Companions
Playback Quality: 1 5
Status of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) Love for the Prophet The Splitting of the Chest
History of the Quraan Challenge of the Quraan History of the Sunnah
The Sahaba The Seerah of Umar Farooq (RA) Abdur Rahman The Pious
Abu Ubaidah The Trustworthy Muslim Sacrifices for the Preservation of Deen  
English Sheikh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat Leicester, UK
Menu General Titles
Playback Quality: 1 5
Means Of Success Why Lose Hope Acquiring the Friendship of Allah (SWT)
An Unfortunate Scenario Drug Awareness Session (01) Good Fortunes in Both Worlds
The Choice is Yours    
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English Sheikh Imran Ibn Adam Leicester, UK
Menu Youth Programme, UK
Playback Quality: 1 5
Value Imaan Situation of Muslims Today Key to Jannah
Forgotten Roots
Menu Khatm-e-Bukhari, Jame'ah Uloomul Qur'an (UK) 03
Playback Quality: 1 5
01. Qirat - Hafiz Riyaz Makda 02. Zikir - Sulaiman Panchaybha 03. Sheikh Zakriyya Khan - Hadith
04. Sheikh Yakub Dhariwala - Death 05. Naat - Shoaib - Urdu Naat 06. Adam Master - Quest For Knowledge
07. Zainul Abideen - LoveThe Prophet 08. Umair Ibrahim Drugs 09. Urdu &Dua - Sheikh Ayub
10. Qirat - Quari Saleem 11. Naat - Imtiyaz Sidat - Urdu Naat 12. Sheikh Ahmad Ali - Hadith
Menu Khatm-e-Bukhari, Jame'ah Uloomul Qur'an (UK) 04
Playback Quality: 1 5
01. Hafiz Zahid Musa - Brotherhood.rm 02. Urdu - Sheikh Zainul-Abdeen - Shukr 03. Urdu - Hafiz Ibrahim Lambat - The Two Blessings
04. Sheikh Zakariyya Khan - 3 Advices to Students 05. Hafiz Umair - Benefits / Challenges of Knowledge 06. Sheikh Imran - Importance of Seeking Knowledge
07. Nazam - URDU - Hafiz Faisal 08. URDU - Maulana Dawod - Final Words and dua 09. Quraan - Qari Owais Tarapuri
10. Nazam - URDU - Hafiz Imtiyaz Sidat - Madina 11. Mufti Muhammad - Isnad Chains Of Narrations 12. URDU - Sheikh Yusuf Motala - Final Hadith of Bukhari
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English Sheikh Faizal Manjoo BA MA LLB Leicester, UK
Menu General
Playback Quality: 1 5
Demographic Change in the UK &Europe Family & Islamic Finance  
Menu Reformation of the Heart Series
Playback Quality: 1 5
A.   Intention B.   Longing for Allah (SWT) C.   Repentence
01.   Love for Allah SWT 02.   Controlling Ones Desires 03.   Effects of Gluttony
04.   Power of the Tongue 05.   Sacrificing Ones Sleep 06.   Seclusion and Retreating
07.   Importance of Taqwa 08.   Quality of Fear 09.   Quality of Hope
10.   Renouncing the World 11.   Retaining the World 12.   Anger
13.   Quality of Jealousy 14.   Quality of Pride 15.   Contentment
16.   Satisfaction 17.   Being a Slave of Allah (SWT) 18.   Realising Allah is All Aware
19.   Problem with Thoughts 20.   Quality of Zikr 21.   Love for the World
22.   Quality of Patience 23.   Friendship 24.   Peace and Tranquility
25.   Dreams 26.   Ponder Upon Death 27.   Who is Allah (SWT)
English IMAD Leicester, UK
Menu The State we are in
Playback Quality: 1 5
01.  Intro and Recitation of the Holy Quran 02.  Dr Tahir Abbas - Islamic Political Radicalisation 03.  Aftab Ahmad Malik - The State we are in
04.  Dr H.A. Hellyer - Religious Imperative or Spiritual Deviation 05.   Questions and Answers  
English Sheikh Sulaiman Moola South Africa
Menu General
Playback Quality: 1 5
Recognise Your Enemy The Devil The Advices Of The Nabi Why Duas Are Not Accepted
Virtues Of Deeni Knowledge Respect Avoiding Bankruptcy
The Demise of our Prophet (SAW) Every Soul Shall Taste Death Suicide, the 3rd Biggest Killer
The Intricacy of Prophets (SAW) Du'ahs Adoption & Death A Muslim Businessman
A Good Life A Good Marriage A Message to Muslim Youth
Three Golden Advice Companions (Sahaba R.A) (Pt 1) Companions (Sahaba R.A) (Pt 2)
Religion Vs Culture (Pt 1) Religion Vs Culture (Pt 2) Current Trials & Tribulations Pt 1
Current Trials & Tribulations Pt 2 Islamic Unity & Brotherhood Pt 1 Islamic Unity & Brotherhood Pt 2
Adultery (Pt 1) Adultery (Pt 2) Adultery (Pt 3)
Benefits of Saying InshaAllah Birth Control and Abortion Depression Vs Contentment
Building of Masajid (Mosques) Calamities are Reminders! Consistency in our A'maal (Good Actions)
Essence of Deen (Islam) Etiquettes in Islam Companions of the Prophet SAW
Menu Women in Islam
Playback Quality: 1 5
Haleema R.A (Pt 1) Haleema R.A (Pt 2) Haleema R.A (Pt 3)
The Queen of Jannah Beloved Mother A Pious Wife
Aspirations of a Young Girl Beauty of a Muslim Woman  
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English Mufti Abdool Kader Hoosen South Africa
Menu Seerah of Mohammed (SAW)
Playback Quality: 1 5
01.   Recitation (Pt 1) 02.   The Embodiment (Pt 2) 03.   Questions &Answers (Pt 3)
Menu Signs of Qiyamah
Playback Quality: 1 5
01.   Recitation (Pt 1) 02.   Briefly Explained (Pt 2) 03.   Questions &Answers (Pt 3)
Menu Women in Islam
Playback Quality: 1 5
01.   Women in Islam (Pt 1) 02.   Questions &Answers (Pt 2)
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English Sheikh Husain Abdul Sattar USA
Menu Path To Ramadan
Playback Quality: 1 5
Limited Days of Ramadan Purification Prayer
Menu General Talks
Playback Quality: 1 5
Serving Others Superiority of the Book of Allah Avoiding the Environment of Sin
Reevaluating Our Emotions Mercy in Creation Living in the Past
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English Sheikh Rafiq Sufi Blackburn, UK
Menu Various Lectures
Playback Quality: 1 5
How to Remain with Imaan Preparation For Ramadan Virtues Of Salaah
Taqwa Fear Of Allah Safeguarding The Tongue The Benefits of Sunnah
Ramadhan, The Blessed Month
English Ismail Adam Patel & Friends (of Al Aqsa) Leicester, UK
Menu Impact of Zionism on the Three Faiths
Playback Quality: 1 5
Roots of the Conflict
Rabbi Yisroel David Weiss Reverend Stephen Sizer Professor Abdelwaheb Elmessiri
Personal Journeys
Dr Ilan Pappe Dr Azzam Tamimi Reverend Stephen Sizer
Professor Abdelwaheb Elmessiri
United or Divided State - Looking at the Future
Dr Ilan Pappe Rabbi Yisroel David Weiss Dr Azzam Tamimi
Menu Evening Lectures, UK
Playback Quality: 1 5
Islam and Human Rights Effects Of Conspiracy Theories Benefiting from Ramadan
The Clash Of Civilisations Media - Informing or Influencing
Menu Friends of Al-Aqsa, UK, ~ GUESTS ~
Playback Quality: 1 5
Prisoner of the Taliban - Yvonne Ridley Human Rights - George Galloway (MP) Fair Trade - Nasser Abufarha Interview  (.Mp3)
Gaza 2012 - An Eye Witness Account
Menu History of Palestine
Playback Quality: 1 5
01.   The Ancient Civilisation Up to 60 BC 02.   Roman Era 60 BC to 630 AD 03.   Islamic Era 630 AD to 1900
04.   Birth of Zionism 1890 to 1930 05.   British Mandate 1930 to 1947 06.   The Nakba 1947 to 1967
07.   Ethnic Clensing 1967 to 1980 08.   Intifada Years 1987 to 2002 History of Palestine & The Current Conflict
Menu Challenges to the Roman Empire up to 15 AH
Playback Quality: 1 5
Part 1 of 4 Part 2 of 4 Part 3 of 4
Part 4 of 4
Menu History of Adhan and Virtues of a Muadhin
Playback Quality: 1 5
Introduction and Procedure (English) Procedure by Sheikh Ayyub (Urdu) Virtues by Mufti Shabbir (Urdu)
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English HMC Conference Leicester, UK
Menu Crown Hills College, UK
Playback Quality: 1 5
01.   Intro and Quraan 02.   Welcome 03.   Preventing BSE
04.   Effects of Haram 05.   Importance of Halal 06.   Issue on Stunning
07.   HMC Solution 08.   QnA
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English Various Luminaries Various
Menu Various Luminaries
Playback Quality: 1 5
Power Of The Quraan Power of Ramadan Time Is Of The Essence
Duties To Allah Shaytaan The Current Plight Of The Ummah
Conflict with Interest Power Of The Quraan Inheritance
Reminders From The Deen Exposing The Mass Murder In The UK Abu ja'far - Interfaith Communication
Understanding the Khilafah of the Khulafah Pearls of the Holy Qur'an Mufti R Moosa - Questions for Mufti
Sheikh Khalil Patel - Relationships Sheikh Adam Mabena - Uniting the Ummah Sheikh Mohammed Ashraf - The Greatest Gift...
Mufti Mohammed Qadhi - The Mercy of Allah (SWT) Sheikh Uzair Akbar - The First Revelation Sheikh Mutah "Napoleon" Beale - "Outlaws" to Islam
Sheikh Kamal Naqshbandi - Method of Repentance    
English Sheikh Zulfiqar Ahmed Sahab Naqshbandi {DB} USA
Playback Quality: 1 5
Eliminating Doubt from Our Lives The Need for a Pure Heart Understanding Bayah
Purification of the Nafs The Women Behind the Men Gaining Access to the Quran
Leaving Sin Fear and Hope
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English Khatme Nabuwwat Conference Tour, UK
Menu Leicester 2003
Playback Quality: 1 5
Moulana Muhammad Iqbal Qadri Shaikh Qari Ismaeel Rasheed

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